We invite you to experience our school and its educational facilities first-hand; to explore our campus and meet the dynamic educators handpicked to inspire exceptional learning experiences.

Our newly constructed schools are purpose built to include an airy piazza as you enter the school. The piazza is a central area where parents, teachers and children may come together in the morning or afternoon. Comfortable, cosy nooks are set up to allow parents and children to spend quiet moments together in the school. The look and feel of the piazza is determined by the children and managed by the Principal, who ensures that children’s artwork is beautifully displayed here and often rotated.

Careful consideration is given to the layout and interior of each classroom. Teachers create various spaces by means of bookshelves, cabinets and tidy trollies – these spaces range in size depending on the class discussion or activity. Each classroom includes quiet spaces, writing, creating and designing spaces; these are kept tidy, well organised and clutter free, which allows for optimal learning. The wooden fixtures and/or neutral colour schemes in the classroom environment allow the children’s work and provocations to stand out. Great value is placed on the children and their work; which is always beautifully presented, with elements of documentation capturing their learning experience.

Unique to our Inspired Reggio Emilia approach, we aim to fit light boxes in each classroom. These are ideal for exploration. Light plays an important part in our children’s development - leaving windows and walls poster-free is a way of allowing as much natural light into our learning spaces as possible.

Care and consideration is given to the layout and design of the outdoor environment. This serves as space that stimulates children’s imagination, creativity, exploration, discovery, engagement and sense of wonder. The sandpit is filled with more natural elements such as logs, stones and recycled items of varying sizes. There are also dedicated areas for imaginative play, fine motor skills, and of course gross motor skills, where the children develop ball skills and climbing skills under the supervision of our teachers.

In addition to the classroom, the atelier is a separate room in between classrooms used for all artwork and experiential activities. In this space children have complete freedom to imagine, create and experiment with a range of different elements. In the atelier children are encouraged to work in smaller groups.